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Be a money magnet

I know people who are like a magnet for money and I quickly realized that they are not coming from another planet. What I have been able to distinguish is that they offer more value than most. That is the secret, that your personal brand is worth much more. To be more practical, here are some points that will immediately raise their value:


To be, you have to look like it

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Does your appearance inspire confidence? Do not dress for your current position, dress for the position you want. His image involves not only his dress, but also his vocabulary and punctuality. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I see? Go beyond that and ask your wife, your mom, your boss, a sincere friend to appreciate you enough to tell you the truth about what you see.


Produce more than it costs

Produce more than it costs

If a staff cut comes, would it be the first or the last? If you work at the same pace as everyone, you will never get out of the pile. It is not difficult to distinguish, as an employer, who deserves that increase. A salary increase will be effective when you are most effective.


Enjoy what you do

Enjoy what you do

Now that he saw himself in the mirror, beyond his clothes, what did he see? A cheerful or bitter person? Although you have more studies, masters and doctorates than others, the cheerful takes the lead. No one wants to work with negative people. Nobody wants to work with soap opera characters, always involved in drama. Smile! Even if you feel fake, if you do, you will soon feel better and will do it naturally, you have to train the attitude. Keep smiling, because the smile is medicine for the heart and remember to smile! Because we all bring camera.

Don’t say, “trust me,” when you never arrive on time or you’re not when you need it. No one is born with the gift of responsibility or punctuality. This is a decision that anyone should make. Be careful, because today, even if it has a leader look, the photos we see on social networks tell the truth about you. It’s a lie that I can make a separation between drama and his work. The drama is not something you can leave in the glove compartment of the car, that drama brings it stamped on your face. Character is worth a lot more to an employer than academic studies. Today, people with studies are everywhere, but people of character, trustworthy, productive and cheerful are few . The goal is for your deeds and acts to shout, loudly, your courage. The employer rewards this with a higher salary and is protected from losing it.

Make changes now, become a money magnet.

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