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It allows for a low monthly benefit. Complete a loan application on Bank Norway’s website and get an answer right away. If you are approved for a loan, the money will be transferred to the same day. On the page here you can read much more about your loan options at Loan and Credit.

Loan and Credit Loan and Credit

Loan and Credit Loan and Credit

Bank is for those who want a fast loan. Loan and Credit Bank offers loans in a wide range. So whatever you need, lack or dream about, here you can apply for a loan of exactly the size you need. At Loan and Credit Bank, you can apply for loans around the clock discreetly and without too many questions. You are free to spend the money you want.

Loan and Credit

Loan and Credit.dk is an Internet-based bank where you can apply for a loan easily and quickly. By submitting an electronic loan application, you can in a short time obtain a loan for what you are just missing.

Once you have completed and submitted the loan application, you will immediately receive a loan offer from Loan and Credit. If you can approve the loan offer, you simply sign it with your NemID. Then the money is on your way.

Loan and Credit

BankLoan and Credit offers fast and easy loan service. You only need to fill in a few questions on the bankLoan and Credit website, and you are already well on your way to getting a loan. You also have the opportunity to apply for a loan, along with a co-applicant. For example, it could be your father or your wife. If you two are applying for the loan together, there is a greater chance that you will get the loan approved.

Loan and Credit loan


Loan and Credit loan allows for a loan now and here? With a Loan and Credit loan, you are the master of your own finances and you can freely decide how much money you want to borrow. You also decide how long you want on your loan. You can apply for a Loan and Credit loan in a very short time. Simply fill out a loan application directly on Bank Norweigan’s website.

This just needs to be filled in with some very basic information like your social security number, contact information and information about which bank you use. Then send the application. You will receive your loan application immediately. If you are approved for a loan, the money will be transferred to your account on the same day. It cannot be easier and faster.

Loan and Credit – Quick loan

Get a quick loan from Loan and Credit if you are missing money now and here. A quick loan is easily and quickly applied directly to the computer. By using its NemID to apply for a loan, the loan process has been made as easy and fast as possible.

This is all done electronically, and there is no need to meet in person or send loan agreements back and forth by mail. It’s all done on your computer and can be fixed in minutes. So you can apply for and get approved for a loan during your lunch break or on the bus on the way home from work. To that extent, a loan from Loan and Credit must be said to be a fast loan.

Loan and Credit – Flexible loan

At Loan and Credit you get a flexible loan option. You can borrow from USD 5,000 and up to USD 400,000. So whatever is missing and lack of money, there should be an opportunity to borrow money for this. At Loan and Credit, you can choose the maturity of your loan. You can choose to repay your loan over a period of up to 15 years. It allows for a low monthly benefit and you can adjust your installments to your finances. It is a very flexible way to borrow money, as you can put together your loan as you wish.

Loan and Credit – How do I apply?


It is very easy and fast to apply for a loan from Loan and Credit. You fill out a loan application directly on their website. It only takes a few minutes to complete the application. You must provide your social security number, your contact information and which bank you use.

The loan application must be signed with your NemID. After that you will immediately receive a loan offer from Loan and Credit. If you can accept the loan offer, you approve and sign this with your NemID. After that, the money on your way to your account is already the same day. It is easier to do that.

Loan and Credit – Get loan offers

As no advice comes with a quick online loan, it is your responsibility to find the best loan for you. It is also up to you to assess whether you can afford a loan. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain several loan offers before deciding to apply for a loan. When you apply for a loan from Loan and Credit, you will immediately receive a loan offer with the exact terms and conditions of the loan. If you can approve the loan offer, you sign this with your NemID and the money is then on your way. Obtaining a loan offer is completely free and without obligation.

That’s it from all loan providers. The loan will not take effect until you have signed a loan offer. Therefore, you can advantageously obtain several loan offers so that you can compare the loans and find the loan that best suits your needs. 

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The Ministry is planning loans Green Savings /the-ministry-is-planning-loans-green-savings/ /the-ministry-is-planning-loans-green-savings/#respond Sun, 29 Dec 2019 04:00:13 +0000 http://www.greenwoodacrescampground.net/the-ministry-is-planning-loans-green-savings/ Read more…]]>

The Green Savings Program will continue in the coming years. But they will not be asking any more, but loans to Green Savings.

The Ministry of the Environment plans to continue the successful Green Savings Program in the coming years. But one major change is planned. It will no longer be a question of Green Savings, but the ministry would like to start providing “only” advantageous loans. Some banks also took a wave of interest in Green Loans – for example, the Green Loan from Loan and Credit.

The new design of the Green Savings program


Minister of the Environment Tomáš Chalupa plans to continue the Green Savings Program in the coming years. This state program allows people or housing cooperatives to get subsidies to make various adjustments to their properties. Subsidies are intended primarily for thermal insulation of houses, installation of new windows and generally for energy savings.

The money for this program should come mainly from the sale of energy permits in the future. This should shift the burden of funding from the state budget. The Green Savings program could thus obtain money from Czech companies that obtain energy permits from the state as well as from the international market for these permits.

Green savings up to 67%

Green savings up to 67%

At present, subsidies from the Zelná program have achieved savings of up to 67%. According to the Minister of the Environment, however, the Czech Republic has no money to continue this practice in the current economic situation. Therefore, it plans to change subsidies to favor the loan.

The Minister expects that people would continue to be motivated to make energy-saving adjustments. The main reason should be that the Green Savings loans will be set up so that people from the savings made for heating or other expenditures can start repaying the borrowed money immediately.

Green Savings loans should thus be intended for both private buildings and public buildings. Municipal buildings such as schools, schools or local government buildings should also have the chance to get money from the Green Savings loan.

This is also a change from the current Green Savings Program

This is also a change from the current Green Savings Program

Until recently, it made it possible to obtain subsidies only for the purpose of alteration of private real estate or housing cooperatives. Only this year the Ministry of the Environment released the first 200 million crowns also for public buildings.

Subsidies from the Green Savings Program have distributed up to USD 20 billion over the last 3 years. The money was intended primarily for the purchase of new, more efficient methods of heating or insulation.

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Green loan for housing /green-loan-for-housing/ /green-loan-for-housing/#respond Thu, 21 Nov 2019 04:38:47 +0000 http://www.greenwoodacrescampground.net/green-loan-for-housing/ Read more…]]>

The Green Loan for Housing from Good Finance is a special-purpose loan that is used primarily to finance various construction modifications to real estate. A green loan from Good Finance can be provided, for example, to insulate a house, to replace windows or doors. The loan can also be used to finance the transition to renewable energy sources, the installation of heat pumps or the installation of solar collectors.

A green home loan from Good Finance can also be used to finance the construction of a new passive house. Other options for obtaining money from Good Finance in the form of a green loan include building your own well or financing the production of electricity from renewable sources.

Green loan from Good Finance not only for housing

Green loan from Good Finance not only for housing

A green loan from Good Finance can be provided in the minimum amount of USD 100,000. The maximum amount is not limited. The upper limit of this loan depends on the specific project for which you are trying to get the necessary funds.

The maturity of the green loan from Good Finance can range from 12 to 120 months. The minimum interest rate for this green loan is rather lower – starting at 7.9%.

The fee for the approval of a green loan is usually 1% of the total volume of borrowed funds (minimum of USD 500 and maximum of USD 3,500). the need to open a bank account with Good Finance, which will cost you at least USD 600 a year.

Green loan for housing up to USD 600,000 is provided without a guarantor and without additional collateral. Over USD 600,000, the bank will then require guarantees (such as collateral or other form of collateral for borrowed money).

Anyone who is at least 18 years old


(And a maximum of 66 years) can apply for a green loan from Good Finance. In order to process the loan, it is then necessary to present ordinary personal documents, to prove income and other similar documents, which are usual for a bank loan.

In addition to these documents, it is also necessary to submit to the bank documentation for the project for which the money will be lent. As mentioned in the introduction, a green loan is a special-purpose loan, the bank provides the money only for a specific use. For a green loan, all documents relating to the purpose of the loan must therefore be submitted before the loan is approved.

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All these loan intermediaries | Payday Loans /all-these-loan-intermediaries-payday-loans/ /all-these-loan-intermediaries-payday-loans/#respond Tue, 24 Sep 2019 07:46:07 +0000 http://www.greenwoodacrescampground.net/all-these-loan-intermediaries-payday-loans/ Read more…]]> It is quite interesting how many loan intermediaries it has emerged in recent years. From having only been a couple a few years ago, we now have a plethora of them. See maziliguney.com

Largely positive for the market as a whole


My way of looking at this is that it is largely positive for the market as a whole. There will certainly be companies that are unable to cope with the competition and disappear, but there will probably also be a positive development.

The basic idea of ​​a loan broker is really brilliant as it is because you only send in an application for a loan but get answers from many lenders. After that, just pick and choose between the different lenders to find the best lender. One problem has only been that not all lenders are connected to the loan intermediaries and it is difficult to know which ones are not. Here I predict a clear change when I guess that all major banks, for example, have soon been forced to join.

Micro loan and a private loan

Micro loan and a private loan

Another interesting development is that one begins to see loan intermediaries who choose to focus on little else than the other intermediaries. Although it is still private loans that it is about, for example, this intermediary has chosen to talk about micro-loans. Often it is clearly better with a small private loan than a micro loan. Actually, a micro loan and a private loan are the same type of loan if you look at it purely technically so wrong it is not at all. Thus, an interesting development that will be interesting to follow.

Check with a loan broker before you borrow


Then it’s really just to wait and see what will happen. Given how much advertising, for example, Good Finance does on TV, it is quite obvious that they turn over large sums which can only mean that they also have many customers. Actually, you might ask why you wouldn’t check with a loan broker before you borrow?

After all, there is nothing that says you have to choose one of the offers that you get to answer. If you have another lender that they do not work with that you think will get a better interest rate, you can check with them as well. Of course one should not have a lot of inquiries at UC but in this case there would only be two which should not be a problem at all.

Probably I will write some post here in a year and then address this with loan brokers. Surely I have been wrong in what I predicted since it usually happens to be;)

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Key steps to get the purchase of a mortgage portfolio /key-steps-to-get-the-purchase-of-a-mortgage-portfolio/ /key-steps-to-get-the-purchase-of-a-mortgage-portfolio/#respond Wed, 18 Sep 2019 20:13:27 +0000 http://www.greenwoodacrescampground.net/key-steps-to-get-the-purchase-of-a-mortgage-portfolio/ Read more…]]>

Compliance with the payment of monthly fees: The bank will evaluate your behavior as a customer, both of the mortgage loan product and credit cards, bank accounts and other credits. It is normal to review your credit history and analyze how good a payer you have been in recent years. It is ideal to be very organized , but this will not be the only factor to evaluate.


Term of the debt

Term of the debt

Work situation. Some financial institutions offer promotions to their cardholders, in which they assume the payment of this commission. These promotions are generally conditioned to a minimum consumption level, to which other requirements are added. Financial institutions lend to employees or freelancers, and they like to see that they are stable. Showing a minimum stay of 12 months in the same position is an advantage. Financial institutions periodically tell you the amount of the membership commission generated by your card. And if they do not happen, it is your duty to be informed about this amount so that you avoid inconvenience. Depending on the franchise and credit card category you own, the annual membership can mean hundreds of soles. In the event of any carelessness, said contractual obligation can unbalance your personal budget.

In the longer term, the purchase of mortgage debt is more attractive to the bank. Age.nBanks grant loans to people between 19 and 7 5 years of age (each bank designs its own age range) , who can take life insurance. If you consider that these factors are in good score, let’s enter the heart of the business.

Proof of credit and payments

Proof of credit and payments


Do you have an organized folder with all the papers that the bank has given you from day one? Look at the document that shows the value of the credit, the total term and the rate. It will be key to assess how much you buy your debt . Also, proof of payment of monthly fees and your payment bottles.

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What does the minimum payment of a credit card mean? /what-does-the-minimum-payment-of-a-credit-card-mean/ /what-does-the-minimum-payment-of-a-credit-card-mean/#respond Sun, 18 Aug 2019 08:12:47 +0000 http://www.greenwoodacrescampground.net/what-does-the-minimum-payment-of-a-credit-card-mean/ Read more…]]> As a cardholder it is your duty to know the meaning of the minimum payment of a credit card. This will prevent you from incurring default or over-indebtedness due to improper use of your card.

The minimum payment is the lowest payment required 


The minimum payment is the lowest payment required by the lender to not declare your default. The default or financial delinquency is a state that implies that you are not fulfilling the payment obligations acquired. This means a macha in your credit history, which can cause you many future inconveniences, including the denial of other credits.

Note that the minimum payment is the smallest amount you can cancel, so you can pay more than that. In fact, it is recommended that you always cancel more than that amount, to reduce interest payments.

How is the minimum payment of a credit card calculated?

How is the minimum payment of a credit card calculated?

The Bank of Mexico (Good Finance) determines how this payment is calculated. For the calculation of the minimum payment, the two payment methods used by the card users are used:

  • Purchases made in fixed installments established at the time of payment.
  • Acquisitions made in a single exhibition, called revolving debt.
  • As a cardholder it is your duty to know the meaning of the minimum payment of a credit card.
  • This will prevent you from incurring default or over-indebtedness due to improper use of your card.

How is the minimum payment of a credit card used?

How is the minimum payment of a credit card used?

Good Finance has established regulations for the use of the minimum payment that benefits the user. The bulk of the minimum payment is dedicated to the cancellation of the revolving debt. In this way, priority is given to the payment of the type of debt that generates the greatest interest.

However, it is still not convenient to cancel only the minimum payment of the credit card. If you use that strategy, you will only get your debt to increase constantly over time.

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Be a money magnet /be-a-money-magnet/ /be-a-money-magnet/#respond Thu, 15 Aug 2019 19:58:17 +0000 http://www.greenwoodacrescampground.net/be-a-money-magnet/ Read more…]]>

I know people who are like a magnet for money and I quickly realized that they are not coming from another planet. What I have been able to distinguish is that they offer more value than most. That is the secret, that your personal brand is worth much more. To be more practical, here are some points that will immediately raise their value:


To be, you have to look like it

get cash

Does your appearance inspire confidence? Do not dress for your current position, dress for the position you want. His image involves not only his dress, but also his vocabulary and punctuality. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I see? Go beyond that and ask your wife, your mom, your boss, a sincere friend to appreciate you enough to tell you the truth about what you see.


Produce more than it costs

Produce more than it costs

If a staff cut comes, would it be the first or the last? If you work at the same pace as everyone, you will never get out of the pile. It is not difficult to distinguish, as an employer, who deserves that increase. A salary increase will be effective when you are most effective.


Enjoy what you do

Enjoy what you do

Now that he saw himself in the mirror, beyond his clothes, what did he see? A cheerful or bitter person? Although you have more studies, masters and doctorates than others, the cheerful takes the lead. No one wants to work with negative people. Nobody wants to work with soap opera characters, always involved in drama. Smile! Even if you feel fake, if you do, you will soon feel better and will do it naturally, you have to train the attitude. Keep smiling, because the smile is medicine for the heart and remember to smile! Because we all bring camera.

Don’t say, “trust me,” when you never arrive on time or you’re not when you need it. No one is born with the gift of responsibility or punctuality. This is a decision that anyone should make. Be careful, because today, even if it has a leader look, the photos we see on social networks tell the truth about you. It’s a lie that I can make a separation between drama and his work. The drama is not something you can leave in the glove compartment of the car, that drama brings it stamped on your face. Character is worth a lot more to an employer than academic studies. Today, people with studies are everywhere, but people of character, trustworthy, productive and cheerful are few . The goal is for your deeds and acts to shout, loudly, your courage. The employer rewards this with a higher salary and is protected from losing it.

Make changes now, become a money magnet.

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Are the FAP’s interest rate insurance? /are-the-faps-interest-rate-insurance/ /are-the-faps-interest-rate-insurance/#respond Mon, 29 Jul 2019 05:05:59 +0000 http://www.greenwoodacrescampground.net/are-the-faps-interest-rate-insurance/ Read more…]]>


FAPs are financial derivatives conceptually equal to interest rate insurance . We know that if we hire them, the interest rate on our mortgage loan will not rise by a certain value for a term and we will also benefit from the declines. In return we pay a single premium at the beginning of the loan.

It will be implemented through a policy generally issued by a financial entity and we will pay a premium for it, which will be our total cost for this operation.


However, our benefit will be unlimited in case of rate hikes , as it will be marked by the difference between the reference interest rate on future dates and the strike or strike price. In this case we would receive periodically on the dates of the settlement income for the difference.

In case of a reduction below the agreed rate we would benefit from it.


Simplifying, we can say that a FAP :

  • It is a financial derivative , an option specifically, which is acquired independently of the mortgage loan (although it can be marketed as a pack).
  • An exercise price is established, which simplifying is the interest rate to which the rise of the Financial Standing is to be limited (for example, it is ensured that it does not rise above 3%).
  • A term is agreed; for example, one is protected from the rise of the Financial Standing for 5 years.
  • A certain nominal amount is secured, which can be the total mortgage loan or less.
  • In exchange for protecting against the increases in the Financial Standing (and benefit from the decreases), the customer has to pay a single premium when contracting the product (and the mortgage if done jointly).

Equal to interest rate insurance

Equal to interest rate insurance

The FAP, therefore, is conceptually equal to interest rate insurance , which has a cost that assures us in case of increases in the Financial Standing and allows us to benefit from the declines. It is necessary to contract it with the due advice of professionals in the matter, since it is a complex financial product. Do not confuse with the controversial Swaps, which do not allow us to benefit from the Financial Standing drops.

It is a recommended instrument mainly when we find low interest rates and a foreseeable upward trend.

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Instant payment as an alternative to a family loan. /instant-payment-as-an-alternative-to-a-family-loan/ /instant-payment-as-an-alternative-to-a-family-loan/#respond Fri, 31 May 2019 01:55:23 +0000 http://www.greenwoodacrescampground.net/instant-payment-as-an-alternative-to-a-family-loan/ Read more…]]>

All of us borrow because we have to

We borrow because we have to

Research carried out by Azure Media gives a clear image of who usually borrows and what they usually allocate the particular funds for. Women and inhabitants of small towns generally reach for financial help. The key reason is the lack of funds to get current expenses.

Last year 72% of respondents thought, therefore, and now around 63%, which might indicate an improvement in the finances. However, this is still individuals. Fewer people spend on discretion, as only a quarter associated with respondents. In addition, 37% wish to spend the money raised to get a car.

Not much less, we. e. 36%, decide to spend money on new RTV equipment. Expenditures for holidays, renovation or even co-financing of one’s own company are further needs associated with Poles. Unfortunately, survival continues to be in the first place until the next transaction.

Banks continue to be more popular

Whenever Poles decide to take out financial loans, they usually choose banks. Regarding 60% of them do so. They will probably associate with tradition, also, they are widely advertised.

A much smaller sized group, i. e. 35%, use the help of family members or relatives. This may be because of the fact that Poles are embarrassed with their financial problems. The usage of banking services, in this case, is just not the most advantageous option

. Specifically, concluded contracts usually final a very long time, and installments associated with the loan are extremely interest-bearing. Hardly anyone is able to afford long-term debt repayment whenever current needs still soak up a large part of the household spending budget.

Another answer to the problem

Another solution to the problem

At a time whenever we need financial resources for our difficulties, it is worth considering another answer. Non-bank loans are a great alternative here. When the issue concerns amounts that do not need to approach the mortgage, a quick payday loan is a very great solution. Loan companies grant this almost immediately, for a brief repayment period.

In addition, well-timed fulfillment of obligations for that first cheap loan generally does not involve additional expenses. What’s more, by taking a payday loan online, the application process, as well as the getting of money, takes place via the internet. Because of this, borrowers do not have to go out to get money. They can hence avoid many obligations that will relate to loans and other financial services.

“When financial complications arise, it is sometimes worth refraining from having a loan. Currently, there are a lot more companies on the loan marketplace that propose to raise cash on very favorable conditions. Knowledge about the best offer for us can be acquired thanks to non-bank loan evaluation websites. They are created in line with the opinion of experts plus online payday rankings, that allows you to make a more thought-out decision, “comments by a specialist on loans.

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