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Green loan for housing

The Green Loan for Housing from Good Finance is a special-purpose loan that is used primarily to finance various construction modifications to real estate. A green loan from Good Finance can be provided, for example, to insulate a house, to replace windows or doors. The loan can also be used to finance the transition to renewable energy sources, the installation of heat pumps or the installation of solar collectors.

A green home loan from Good Finance can also be used to finance the construction of a new passive house. Other options for obtaining money from Good Finance in the form of a green loan include building your own well or financing the production of electricity from renewable sources.

Green loan from Good Finance not only for housing

Green loan from Good Finance not only for housing

A green loan from Good Finance can be provided in the minimum amount of USD 100,000. The maximum amount is not limited. The upper limit of this loan depends on the specific project for which you are trying to get the necessary funds.

The maturity of the green loan from Good Finance can range from 12 to 120 months. The minimum interest rate for this green loan is rather lower – starting at 7.9%.

The fee for the approval of a green loan is usually 1% of the total volume of borrowed funds (minimum of USD 500 and maximum of USD 3,500). the need to open a bank account with Good Finance, which will cost you at least USD 600 a year.

Green loan for housing up to USD 600,000 is provided without a guarantor and without additional collateral. Over USD 600,000, the bank will then require guarantees (such as collateral or other form of collateral for borrowed money).

Anyone who is at least 18 years old


(And a maximum of 66 years) can apply for a green loan from Good Finance. In order to process the loan, it is then necessary to present ordinary personal documents, to prove income and other similar documents, which are usual for a bank loan.

In addition to these documents, it is also necessary to submit to the bank documentation for the project for which the money will be lent. As mentioned in the introduction, a green loan is a special-purpose loan, the bank provides the money only for a specific use. For a green loan, all documents relating to the purpose of the loan must therefore be submitted before the loan is approved.

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