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Instant payment as an alternative to a family loan.

All of us borrow because we have to

We borrow because we have to

Research carried out by Azure Media gives a clear image of who usually borrows and what they usually allocate the particular funds for. Women and inhabitants of small towns generally reach for financial help. The key reason is the lack of funds to get current expenses.

Last year 72% of respondents thought, therefore, and now around 63%, which might indicate an improvement in the finances. However, this is still individuals. Fewer people spend on discretion, as only a quarter associated with respondents. In addition, 37% wish to spend the money raised to get a car.

Not much less, we. e. 36%, decide to spend money on new RTV equipment. Expenditures for holidays, renovation or even co-financing of one’s own company are further needs associated with Poles. Unfortunately, survival continues to be in the first place until the next transaction.

Banks continue to be more popular

Whenever Poles decide to take out financial loans, they usually choose banks. Regarding 60% of them do so. They will probably associate with tradition, also, they are widely advertised.

A much smaller sized group, i. e. 35%, use the help of family members or relatives. This may be because of the fact that Poles are embarrassed with their financial problems. The usage of banking services, in this case, is just not the most advantageous option

. Specifically, concluded contracts usually final a very long time, and installments associated with the loan are extremely interest-bearing. Hardly anyone is able to afford long-term debt repayment whenever current needs still soak up a large part of the household spending budget.

Another answer to the problem

Another solution to the problem

At a time whenever we need financial resources for our difficulties, it is worth considering another answer. Non-bank loans are a great alternative here. When the issue concerns amounts that do not need to approach the mortgage, a quick payday loan is a very great solution. Loan companies grant this almost immediately, for a brief repayment period.

In addition, well-timed fulfillment of obligations for that first cheap loan generally does not involve additional expenses. What’s more, by taking a payday loan online, the application process, as well as the getting of money, takes place via the internet. Because of this, borrowers do not have to go out to get money. They can hence avoid many obligations that will relate to loans and other financial services.

“When financial complications arise, it is sometimes worth refraining from having a loan. Currently, there are a lot more companies on the loan marketplace that propose to raise cash on very favorable conditions. Knowledge about the best offer for us can be acquired thanks to non-bank loan evaluation websites. They are created in line with the opinion of experts plus online payday rankings, that allows you to make a more thought-out decision, “comments by a specialist on loans.

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