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The Ministry is planning loans Green Savings

The Green Savings Program will continue in the coming years. But they will not be asking any more, but loans to Green Savings.

The Ministry of the Environment plans to continue the successful Green Savings Program in the coming years. But one major change is planned. It will no longer be a question of Green Savings, but the ministry would like to start providing “only” advantageous loans. Some banks also took a wave of interest in Green Loans – for example, the Green Loan from Loan and Credit.

The new design of the Green Savings program


Minister of the Environment Tomáš Chalupa plans to continue the Green Savings Program in the coming years. This state program allows people or housing cooperatives to get subsidies to make various adjustments to their properties. Subsidies are intended primarily for thermal insulation of houses, installation of new windows and generally for energy savings.

The money for this program should come mainly from the sale of energy permits in the future. This should shift the burden of funding from the state budget. The Green Savings program could thus obtain money from Czech companies that obtain energy permits from the state as well as from the international market for these permits.

Green savings up to 67%

Green savings up to 67%

At present, subsidies from the Zelná program have achieved savings of up to 67%. According to the Minister of the Environment, however, the Czech Republic has no money to continue this practice in the current economic situation. Therefore, it plans to change subsidies to favor the loan.

The Minister expects that people would continue to be motivated to make energy-saving adjustments. The main reason should be that the Green Savings loans will be set up so that people from the savings made for heating or other expenditures can start repaying the borrowed money immediately.

Green Savings loans should thus be intended for both private buildings and public buildings. Municipal buildings such as schools, schools or local government buildings should also have the chance to get money from the Green Savings loan.

This is also a change from the current Green Savings Program

This is also a change from the current Green Savings Program

Until recently, it made it possible to obtain subsidies only for the purpose of alteration of private real estate or housing cooperatives. Only this year the Ministry of the Environment released the first 200 million crowns also for public buildings.

Subsidies from the Green Savings Program have distributed up to USD 20 billion over the last 3 years. The money was intended primarily for the purchase of new, more efficient methods of heating or insulation.

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